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Publisher: Cary Ginell


  1. Special needs CTFE YAE
    4 years ago

    I make time for community theater. Do you think it would be possible for you to make some time to come back to hillcrest theater to review CTFE? It is a sad truth that those actors aren’t given as much attention review wise as those without special needs. They cast all main roles with special need actors this year for CTFE, so it will be different than most years and truly is a different show, despite the same lines. Lines can change exponentially for better or for worse when the actors change.

    I hope you tell the theater you will come to CTFE as well or post on your FB page, that you will see CTFE.

    Thank you very much for reviewing the other special need troop Allwayz On Stage. I hope you can do the same for CTFE.

    Special needs

    1. Cary Ginell
      4 years ago

      Thank you for your note. We try to attend as many local shows as possible, and have been impressed by CTFE actors as well as those with Allwayz On Stage.

  2. Virginia Bingham
    4 years ago

    Please let me know how to contact who ever CTFE is as I have never known of them or who they are. Perhaps I can be of service to them? Please respond. Best Regards,

    Virinia Bingham
    805 300-09+×

  3. Michael Perlmutter
    3 years ago

    Would love you to come out and see THE FALL OF LADY M (opening Aug 2nd
    .. running 3 weeks) at the Backstage @ Santa Paula Theater Center.


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