The Coach’s Corner: Great Auditions, Part 2

This is the second in a series of audition hints presented by Joshua Finkel of the Creative Combustion Acting Studio in Studio City.

RULE #2.  Do consistently great auditions. That is your job. The rest is truly out of your hands. If you are always prepared, fun and cordial, dress appropriately to the role or show (not in costume but towards the feel: rich, poor, groomed, messy etc), and are simple, honest, and connected emotionally and intentionally to your song, you will get wonderful feedback. After that, it’s simply a numbers game as to when your type fits the role (or the politics) and cast make-up as a whole. If you do consistently great auditions, the casting director will always want to bring you in because you make him or her look good in front of the director and they WANT to get you work. Also, even though you may be wrong in their eyes for THIS project, they may be casting something else next week that you’re perfect for. A great audition is always applauded and remembered. Remember that they want you to do well. They WANT YOU to get the role so they can stop looking! Use this as great supportive info when walking in and saying hello.

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