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Local Teens Dive Into “The Little Mermaid”

BY CARY GINELL One important and valuable aspect of Cabrillo Music Theatre’s long tenure in Ventura County is its devotion to casting talented young local performers in as many of its productions as it can.

Senior Spotlight: Newbury Park High School’s Nick Glaab

BY CARY GINELL He’s hard to miss on stage. A husky, ever-smiling youngster with bright red hair and a big voice. Nicholas Glaab recently graduated from Newbury Park High School and will be missed

Director Larry Raben Brings Alive the Underwater World of “The Little Mermaid”

BY CARY GINELL Larry Raben is an accomplished actor and director who has added his prodigious abilities to a multitude of productions around the world. In addition to acting in a command performance before Queen Elizabeth

For the Cantu Family, Simi’s “In the Heights” Is a Family Affair

BY CARY GINELL In the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical about community and family in a Dominican-American neighborhood in New York City, has a multi-layered meaning for its talented cast. The production, which is currently

“Drowsy Chaperone” Cast Members Discuss Acting, Reading Audiences, & Their Own Futures in the Theater

BY CARY GINELL We continue with our visit with Kevin Repich, Malissa Marlow, and Leah Dalrymple, three of the stars of California Lutheran University’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone, which closes this weekend at the

CLU’s “Drowsy Chaperone” Cast Talks About Getting Into Their Characters

BY CARY GINELL Playing a character is hard enough for many actors and actresses who are starting out in musical theater, but The Drowsy Chaperone throws its performers a curve because of the complicated nature of

High School Senior Landen Starkman Readies Himself For a Career on the Stage

BY CARY GINELL The Addams Family has hit Ventura County with a vengeance. Recent productions by Actors’ Repertory Company of Simi and the Ojai Art Center are being followed in succession by performances at Santa

“Children of Eden” – Cabrillo’s Celebration of Family and Life

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL With the angst over the immediate future of Cabrillo Music Theatre finally receding into the background, it’s time to focus once again on what is happening on the Cabrillo stage.

Natalia Vivino & Ryan Driscoll Talk About Their “Children of Eden” Characters

BY CARY GINELL Last night’s opening of Cabrillo Music Theatre’s Children of Eden was every bit as enchanting and magical as anticipated. After the debacle of Theater League’s Ragtime, in which two synthesizer players were hidden

The Back Story of Cabrillo’s Lazarus-Like Resurrection

BY CARY GINELL The suddenness in the fortunes of Cabrillo Music Theatre over the past two weeks has left many of its fans’ heads spinning. During that time, there has been more drama behind