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Kyer Komments: Building a Show On a Shoestring Budget

BY KRISTOPHER KYER    Having just returned from a six-week stint in the Boston area, directing, starring, and building sets and props for a big production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I got to

Summer Stock: Is It Going the Way of Vaudeville?

BY KRISTOPHER KYER Years ago while living in New York City, I landed my first summer stock job and was off to Ohio and Michigan to do two shows in three weeks with the

Kyer Komments: How to Direct & Star at the Same Time

BY KRISTOPHER KYER In recent years I’ve been asked to not only star in a musical, but to direct it as well. Usually it has been a show I have done previously which has

Kyer Komments: Memorizing Lines

BY KRISTOPHER KYER Memorizing lines easily and quickly is an integral part of an actor’s work. I often play roles that have nonsensical, flowery words and patter songs that never end. And I have

Kyer Komments: The Dreaded Conflicts

BY KRISTOPHER KYER Growing up in Michigan as a community theater actor, I learned to be fully committed whenever auditioning for a show. I made myself realize that the responsibility to me, the director,

Kyer Komments: A Day on the Set of “Saving Mr. Banks” – Part 2

BY KRISTOPHER KYER After a long afternoon of filming, lunch was served in the parking lot behind the El Capitan, where the base camp was filled with trailers, equipment, and the catering. The food

Kyer Komments: A Day on the Set of “Saving Mr. Banks” – Part 1

BY KRISTOPHER KYER In October of 2012, my agent had me drive 43 miles to the Firestone Ranch in Agua Dulce, California where they were filming a 1906 river scene for the feature film

Kyer Komments: The Rehearsal Process

BY KRISTOPHER KYER Whenever heading into a new production, usually there is the “read through.” It is rough at best, as much “cold reading” by the actors is being done. But it does help

Kyer Komments: How to Approach Creating a Role

By Kristopher Kyer Very often I am asked how does one “find” the character they are playing. Being a chameleon and a true character man myself I find this not only challenging, but rather

Auditioning for a Musical

By Kristopher Kyer Very often I get asked “What song should I sing for this audition?”. I was mentored by a genius in this, Michael Sartor. He was the Dean of Musical Theater at