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The Coach’s Corner – Part 7: My Name Is…

BY JOSHUA FINKEL I coach actors to say their name as a statement, not a question. Use a “down glide” or period after it, not a question mark, which is a normal speech pattern

Coach’s Corner: Part 6 – Tempo Tantrums

BY JOSHUA FINKEL Fixing a tempo mid song. Let’s say that even though you set your tempo correctly, the accompanist did not interpret it as such. NEVER glare at the pianist while singing. That

The Coach’s Corner: Part 5 – Tempo & the Accompanist

BY JOSHUA FINKEL Here are a few pieces of advice regarding you and your accompanist at an audition. Remember to always tell the accompanist everything you need him or her to know before you

The Coach’s Corner – Part 4: Visualize Success

BY JOSHUA FINKEL After you state what you want to accomplish in positive terms, see yourself from the audition table’s perspective doing your perfect audition from entering the room to leaving it, embodying the

The Coach’s Corner – Part 3: The Audition Checklist

BY JOSHUA FINKEL Before going into the audition room, and actually before every rehearsal of your number, declare what you want to accomplish in positively phrased goals. Don’t write something like “I won’t be

The Coach’s Corner: Great Auditions, Part 2

This is the second in a series of audition hints presented by Joshua Finkel of the Creative Combustion Acting Studio in Studio City. RULE #2.  Do consistently great auditions. That is your job. The rest

The Coach’s Corner: Top 10 Things to Remember in the Audition Process

Today we begin a series by Joshua Finkel called “The Coach’s Corner.” Finkel is an acting coach, director, and performer. He runs the Creative Combustion Acting Studio in Studio City. This is the first