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Rubicon Explores Identity & Albert Einstein In “Incognito”

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL Nick Payne’s acclaimed, thought-provoking play Incognito made its debut at the Rubicon Theatre Company last weekend in a performance that is sure to have audiences scratching their heads while thinking about

Becky’s New Car – A Farcical Comedy With A Heart

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL Have you ever acted on an impulse, knowing you were doing the wrong thing, but went through with it anyway? That’s the dilemma housewife Becky Foster faces in Steven Dietz’s charming

Elite’s Tom Eubanks Talks About “The Pachyderm Project”

BY CARY GINELL Now playing at the Elite Theatre Company in Oxnard is At the End of the Day, the initial offering from Elite’s Pachyderm Project, a play development program begun in October, 2016. Producer/director/writer

Elite Inaugurates “Pachyderm Project” With “At the End of the Day”

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL Last October, Elite Theatre Company’s artistic director Tom Eubanks raised the curtain on a new play development and acting program called “The Pachyderm Project,” whose mission is to provide local

Set Designer Will Shupe: Making Magic On A Shoestring

BY CARY GINELL Will Shupe is a familiar presence in Ventura County, whether it’s in his many chameleon-like roles on stage at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center or providing character voices to the

Choreographer Supreme Becky Castells Talks Dance And “Billy Elliot”

BY CARY GINELL Anyone who has seen a musical at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center is familiar with the work of Becky Castells. For some years now, Becky has been responsible for creating

Kendyl Yokoyama: Proving Them Wrong

BY CARY GINELL Kendyl Yokoyama is a young performer with a mission. The 18-year-old recently graduated from high school and is preparing to attend Boston Conservatory in the fall. Her ascendancy in theater began

Cabrillo Music Theatre Changes Its Name To 5 Star Theatricals

COMMENTARY BY CARY GINELL In what was, to some, a bold move towards progress and expansion, but to others, an unnecessary decision of questionable reasoning, Cabrillo Music Theatre has chosen to change its name to 5

Jacques Brel Is Alive And Somewhat Well At L.A.’s Odyssey Theatre

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL Nearly fifty years ago, a new type of musical made its debut on the Off-Broadway circuit. Despite its bulky title, Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris was a huge

“Caesar” To Go On After Director’s Death

Kingsmen Shakespeare Company mourning John Slade (THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – July 11, 2017) The Kingsmen Shakespeare Company is mourning the unexpected death of John Slade, who was directing this summer’s production of “Julius Caesar,”