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Rubicon Celebrates The Life Of Bessie Smith In “The Devil’s Music”

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL It’s been 80 years since Bessie Smith, the celebrated Empress of the Blues, died a lonely death, after an auto accident on a desolate Mississippi road. Contrary to legend, Smith did

Actress/Singer Marlie Rodriguez Addresses The Question: Is College For Everyone?

BY CARY GINELL Last month I went to a private showcase of music from the musical Hamilton. The showcase was organized by pianist/arranger/singer Justin Ramos, former director of vocal music at Newbury Park High School who

Rubicon’s “Gulf View Drive” Is Superb Drama About Bravery and Family

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL In See Rock City, the second installment of Arlene Hutton’s trilogy about a post-World War II family, aspiring novelist Raleigh Brummett had left for New York to pursue his career,

Lit Live Dramatizes The Life Of The Author Of “Frankenstein”

BY CARY GINELL There are three new events being unveiled at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Thursday evening: Lit Live, a new local production company, And Lightning Struck, a new play written by the

“Dirty Dancing” Has Most Of The Right Moves

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL The success of the awkwardly titled Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage depends primarily on whether or not you were a fan of the motion picture it was closely modeled