Monthly Archive:: December 2016

The 4th Annual “Vee-Cee” Awards for Top Performances in Ventura County Theater

BY CARY GINELL It’s time once again for the annual “Vee-Cee” Awards, in which we honor some of the most memorable performances on Ventura County stages over the course of the past year. As

Taking Stock: Who We Talked To In 2016

BY CARY GINELL As each year comes to a close, we like to look back at some of the highlights of the past year in musical theater and plays in Ventura County. 2016 was

Curtain Call Youth Theatre Finds A New Home

(Agoura Hills, Calif. – December 17, 2016) After 11 years of renting multiple local spaces and partnering with many local theatre groups and local high schools and colleges, the New Year will find Curtain

Meet Singer/Actress Siena Avila – The New Kid On The Block

BY CARY GINELL Siena Avila is like many other 16-year-old high schoolers you know. Cheerful, friendly, enthusiastic, and just a little bit shy. But Siena has one thing that most kids her age don’t

“Calendar Girls” – Wacky Performances Highlight Bawdy, Warm-Hearted Play

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL Calendar Girls, a 2009 play based on a hit 2003 film, is Tim Firth and Juliette Towhidi’s true-to-life comedy about six middle-aged women from a village in Yorkshire, England who raise

The Historical Characters Of “Ragtime” – Part 2: “Make Them Hear You” – Louis Baker Talks About Playing Booker T. Washington

BY CARY GINELL Louis Baker has had a varied career in the entertainment world. As an actor, he studied under three prestigious performers: Bill Duke, Haile Gerima, and Debbie Allen. He has worked as