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Conejo Players Fundraiser A Success

FROM THE CONEJO PLAYERS: The Conejo Players raised over $10,000 at its 5th Annual Toast to Community Theatre on Sunday, July 27th, 2014 — making it one of CPT’s most successful fundraisers to date!

Natalie Storrs Interview, Part 2: Getting Into the Habit in “Sister Act”

BY CARY GINELL VCOS: Tell me about your first time on stage with the show. NATALIE: I did my put-in in D. C. but the company then went on a week layoff. So I was

Will the Curtain Come Down on Cabrillo? Lewis Wilkenfeld Explains

BY CARY GINELL Now that Bye, Bye Birdie has flown the coop, Cabrillo Music Theatre is heading down the home stretch of its fundraising drive, with its survival in the balance. A few weeks ago, I

An Experience Second to Nun: Natalie Storrs Talks About the “Sister Act” National Tour

BY CARY GINELL Ventura County’s loss will be Broadway’s gain when Natalie Storrs leaves the Conejo Valley in a month or so to test the waters in the Big Apple. At 26, Natalie is

Reaction to Will Eno’s “Title and Deed” – Huh?

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL “What was THAT all about?” Those were the words that went through my head upon leaving the Rubicon Theatre Company, after witnessing esteemed Irish actor Conor Lovett’s performance of Will

“Bye, Bye Birdie” Puts Happy Faces on T.O. Audiences

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL If Cabrillo Music Theatre’s current production of Bye, Bye Birdie proves to mean “Bye, Bye Cabrillo,” at least it assures that the venerable theater company will go out on a high note.

Birdie’s Chick Chirps About New Cabrillo Production

BY CARY GINELL In the conclusion of our three-part interview with Noelle Marion, Noelle discusses her role as Kim McAfee in Cabrillo Music Theatre’s production of Bye, Bye Birdie, which begins this weekend at the

Elite’s “The Woolgatherer” Explores the Imprisonment of Loneliness

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL At the beginning of The Woolgatherer, you know there is something wrong with spinsterish salesgirl Rose when the first thing she says to stranded truck driver Cliff is to read a

Some Thoughts About the Passing of Musical Theatre Guild’s S. Marc Jordan, 83

BY LEWIS WILKENFELD A million wonderful memories of my dear, talented friend, S. Marc Jordan. But here’s three that mean a lot to me: 1. Directing him as the Wizard in THE WIZARD OF OZ

Noelle Marion Talks of Living and Performing in Hong Kong

BY CARY GINELL A week from tomorrow, Noelle Marion will be appearing as Kim McAfee in Cabrillo Music Theatre’s production of Bye, Bye Birdie. Last week, we talked to Noelle about her career, which took