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Rachael Pugh Talks About Music Direction for “Spamalot”

BY CARY GINELL We continue with our interview with Conejo Players musical director Rachael Pugh about her work on Monty Python’s Spamalot. VCOS: How does your vocal training help you? RACHAEL: Oh, it helped me

Costumer Beth Glasner Talks About Dressing Up “Spamalot”

BY CARY GINELL VC On Stage’s purpose is to showcase people who work in musical theater or plays in the Ventura County area, not only performers, but behind-the scenes folk as well. Today we

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Musical Direction With Spamalot’s Rachael Pugh

BY CARY GINELL In addition to featuring local performers in musical theater and plays, VC On Stage also celebrates the work of the folks who are behind the scenes. Costume designers, set decorators, choreographers,

Kris Kyer & Christanna Rowader Talk About Their Characters in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

BY CARY GINELL VCOS: So Kris, is Lawrence Jamison kind of an updated, cosmopolitan version of Harold Hill? KRIS: Yeah, but as Sean Harrington told me during rehearsals, my pockets are my friends, because

Barry Pearl Gets Call For Jury Duty in “12 Angry Men”

BY CARY GINELL One of the more enthusiastic and – might I add – accessible performers on the Ventura County scene is Barry Pearl. Although based in Los Angeles, Pearl has proved to be

Interview with “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” Stars Kristopher Kyer & Christanna Rowader

BY CARY GINELL If you saw last year’s production of The Music Man at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, you might have noticed that Kristopher Kyer, who played Harold Hill, and Christanna Rowader, as

“The Sunset Limited” – A Debate For the Ages

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL Cormac McCarthy’s riveting play, “The Sunset Limited,” currently being staged at the Rubicon Theatre Company in Ventura, is one of those productions you need to see more than once, a

An Interview With “South Pacific” Director Ken Rayzor

BY CARY GINELL VCOS: What is special about “South Pacific” to you personally and as a director? KEN: This story of love and war in the South Seas was penned by America’s premier historical

Dotty Doin’s: Mother & Daughter Play the Same Role in Two Productions of “Noises Off”

BY CARY GINELL Acting is often a family affair and it stands to reason that if one member of a family gets the theater bug, it’s no surprise when other family members get infected

Kyer Komments: The Dreaded Conflicts

BY KRISTOPHER KYER Growing up in Michigan as a community theater actor, I learned to be fully committed whenever auditioning for a show. I made myself realize that the responsibility to me, the director,