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Murder & Guilt Reign in Elite Theatre Company’s “Dark Heart of Poe”

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL What could be more appropriate fare for a dark and chilly Halloween night than an evening of Edgar Allan Poe? The Elite Theatre Company has put together an encore of

Kyer Komments: A Day on the Set of “Saving Mr. Banks” – Part 2

BY KRISTOPHER KYER After a long afternoon of filming, lunch was served in the parking lot behind the El Capitan, where the base camp was filled with trailers, equipment, and the catering. The food

Kyer Komments: A Day on the Set of “Saving Mr. Banks” – Part 1

BY KRISTOPHER KYER In October of 2012, my agent had me drive 43 miles to the Firestone Ranch in Agua Dulce, California where they were filming a 1906 river scene for the feature film

Conclusion of interview with “Seatbelts Required” Playwright Kimberly Demmary

BY CARY GINELL Kimberly Demmary has been working the boards around Ventura County and the West Valley for more than 10 years. She was recently seen (along with “Seatbelts Required” co-star Joanna Bert) in

Kimberly Demmary’s “Seatbelts Required” – A Different Kind of Haunted House

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL ‘Tis the season for ghost tours, malevolent pumpkins, and trick-or-treaters, but at the Santa Paula Theater Center, there’s a different kind of horror story currently being staged: Kimberly Demmary’s “Seatbelts

Brushing Up Shakespeare With Cabrillo’s “Kiss Me, Kate”

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL Over the years, Cabrillo Music Theatre has staged just about all of Broadway’s classic musicals, but one that they had not yet attempted was “Kiss Me, Kate.” Thankfully, they can

“But, folks, I wanna tell ya” – Peter Fogel Brings Back Days of “Ed Sullivan Show” Comics

REVIEW BY CARY GINELL If you’re old enough to remember “The Ed Sullivan Show” (and I proudly say that I am), you will fondly recall those years when stand-up comedy monologists ruled the television

The Original Kate Remembers – Part 4: Opening Night of “Kiss Me, Kate” (1948)

BY PATRICIA MORISON When it came time for opening night in Philadelphia, we had no idea how the show would do. We hadn’t even heard Robert Russell Bennett’s orchestrations yet. That day, we heard

The Coach’s Corner – Part 7: My Name Is…

BY JOSHUA FINKEL I coach actors to say their name as a statement, not a question. Use a “down glide” or period after it, not a question mark, which is a normal speech pattern

The Original Kate Remembers – Part 3: Working with Alfred Drake, Cole Porter, and the Spewacks

BY PATRICIA MORISON A lot of the battles Alfred and I had on the set we worked out. There was a scene where there was a table between us and I had to lean